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I'll take a refill. Doug's a good guy, and it's kinda shitty he got cut from this movie, but I think this is as good a version as any. Mick Mars I mean, you take it too far, and you'll go fucking mad! Sit. : It's a pleasure. No one would have thought we'd make it here, so fuck them.


: Take the fucking poster down, man. Remember those evil fuckers? Tommy Lee Thank you!! : Doc McGhee Drummer of Hanoi Rocks, Self / This. In 2015 Neil admitted to Ultimate Classic Rock that he wrote a check for $2.5 million to the courts, so he only ever served 19 days of a 30-day sentence for the reckless death.[5]. Nah, the happiest day of your life was when I let you join my band. :

It's not like she has anything to do with us getting married. Plus, Blake, Rose and Dan catch up on the current horticultural headlines and September gardening jobs that you need to know about this week! : Fucking hippie ain't gonna make it. : Tommy Lee Ozzy Osbourne Okay. We’re talking ‘alien kohlrabi’, ‘zombie asparagus’, ‘carrots with willies’ – and a whole lot more! Nikki Sixx

It'll piss people off and make people think, you know. It's a play on Christmas, you know. :

[offering a glass of champagne]  Vince Neil

Yeah, move the TV over here. How to be there. [Nikki ties the other end around his bicep as the Drug Dealer injects the heroin on his arm]. : Eleven-fifteen, finish show. That dude looks pretty cool. Better, faster, louder. Next thing you know, get handcuffed to the bed by Doc. We shit on a lot of people and did things that we regret every day. Make sure to to call fiancée before the real party starts.

We got you. No, thanks. :

: Hey, no, but Georgie Boy, he's probably more experienced in the handling of penis. : : Let's kick some fucking ass!

: No?

: [pause, then Nikki, Tommy, and Vince laugh hysterically]. Don't look at me, man. [Tommy enters the dining room and sees his parents kissing]. Party Goer
Roxy :

On the way back, they crashed into another car. : Drug Dealer And here it was right in front of me the whole time... and up on stage with me every night.

Nikki Sixx : Roxy : Are you fucking kidding me?

: What's up, dude? [Nikki is in a hotel room with some friends, drinking and doing drugs when a drug dealer approaches him].

Machine Gun Kelly. Nikki Sixx 'Cause a life full of booze, drugs, and unprotected sex is only gonna fuck you up, man. : You're mean. Could you be a future guest star of The Dirt?


Nikki Sixx : McCoy informed the band's manager Seppo Vesterinen, who then told the rest of the band. ...and punch the top, man. : : God!

I’m still fairly new to growing my own veg so have picked up loads of great tips and the guests have been really interesting and inspiring.

Come on. Maybe you'd like the material if you were in the studio making it with us instead of staring at your fucking watch! What happened?

She's really gonna marry me, huh? David Lee Roth Let's go! : Vince Neil Mom, Dad, this is Roxy, my fiancé. What the fuck, dude? Tommy Lee Uh, Tommy. [narration]  : Right, listen up. : :



I knew I'd get you to say it again! It has been jam-packed with gardening successes, funny failures, useful hacks and inspiring lessons... so, this week, Laura and Blake sit down to choose some of their highlights from all 14 episodes! Uh-huh. Prior to joining Hanoi Rocks, Razzle started playing in local Binstead small ensembles, one of which was called Thin Red Line. : Goddamn, I love strippers. Rick Get the fuck out! :

Vince Neil Wake the fuck up! Tommy Lee : :


Try your best to sound sober. I think we should get out there. Hey, can I get a line of that? Aye-aye, captain. : Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, The Death of Razzle (Motley Crue, The Dirt), Self / Nikki Sixx

: It might look like a new Mötley Crüe, but they promise it's the same ol' situation.

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