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ringed seal pup

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A ringed seal gives birth to her pups in a small den in the snow on top of the ice. /* ----------------------------------------- */
Females give birth to a single pup on ice floes or shorefast ice in March or April after a 9-month gestation period. Consequently, although newborn seal pups without proper cover are easy to kill, a polar bear needs almost ten times more small pups to achieve the same energy provided by one larger pup in May.

Ringed seals are the principle prey for the top predator in the Arctic food chain – the polar bear. Ringed seals are the favourite food of polar bears. They generally remain in fjords and land-fast ice areas until they have completed their annual moult in June or July. They acquire rings on their pelage gradually with age. Here’s hoping the mother wasn’t too far away during the first encounter and that she found her baby. They have a white fuzzy coat that is shed when they are about two months old. In addition some seal-eating walruses take ringed seals, as do Greenland sharks.

Ice-associated crustaceans and fish, mainly polar cod, constitute much of the diet of ringed seals, although they also eat a wide variety of pelagic and benthic fishes and other invertebrates. INCREASED PREDATION ON SEAL PUPS.

If the pup is too slow to get out of the den, the polar bear has a meal. Harp seal pup. Apr 2, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Valrart - watercolor painting .
ringed seal pup. They are protected during their breeding season.

Pups are born with a white natal coat (lanugo) which is shed after about four to six weeks. Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals (Third Edition),

The ringed seal is a small seal. Adult animals reach lengths between 1.1–1.6 metres and weights of 50–100+ kilograms. Antarctica Ringed seals are the 'classic' Arctic seal in many regards, being found as far north as the Pole because of their ability to keep breathing holes open in ice that can reach 2 metres in depth.

The white coat turns to gray. The pup stays in the den for about 6 weeks feeding on the mother's rich milk. Ringed seal pups are extremely active swimmers and divers that spend about 50% of their time in the water during the nursing period. My First Book of Animals from A to Z Animals, Usborne World Wildlife: Polar Wildlife Animals, Over 100 Questions and Answers to Things You Want to Know Animals, Polar Animals (Over 100 Questions and Answers to Things You Want to Know) Animals, Animals (Over 100 Questions and Answers to Things You Want to Know) Animals, Share this once in a lifetime encounter with your friends on Facebook below. Although ringed seals are long-lived and it is natural to experience significant inter-annual variability in ice and snow conditions, the unidirectional trend in declining sea ice is a clear threat to the ringed seal population in Svalbard, and the broader sea ice community as well. The coat is variable in colour, but it is usually dark grey on the upperparts and light grey to silver on the underparts. it in presentations, web pages, newspapers, blogs and reports.

In Svalbard, ringed seals breed on the land-fast ice in all of the fjords. They are the only northern seal that can maintain breathing holes in thick sea ice and this special ability allows them to have an extensive distribution in theArctic and sub-Arctic. From collection: Global Outlook for Ice and Snow, Cartographer:

As the pup grows, the fur becomes finer and slightly longer than that of the adult, and is dark grey on the upperparts, fading to silver on the underparts. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

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Most bears probably accumulate up to about two-thirds of the fat they need to survive the entire year during the vital feeding period prior to sea ice break-up in early summer.

A newborn seal pup in late March or early April weighs 5–7 kg, of which only one-third is fat.

They have a distinctive patterning of dark spots surrounded by light grey rings. A newborn seal pup in late March or early April weighs 5–7 kg, of which only one-third is fat. They are rarely greater than 1.5 m in length. ... Because of the impact of protest, profits surrounding the Inuit hunting of ringed seal fall with any ban on any type of seal product, regardless of exemption. Harp seals are born with fluffy white fur coats. Few survive predation or inclement weather. This is an extremely important and intensive hunting period for polar bears.

The ringed seal is notably plump with a small, rounded head and a short, thick neck. Ringed seals are in many respects the ‘classical’ arctic ice-seal. Although ringed seals are quite small phocids they survive the thermal challenges posed by the arctic winter by having a very thick blubber layer, and by building lairs (small caves) in the snow on top of sea ice during the winter.

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