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grey seal facts

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Click here to watch our grey seal favourite facts video with RSPB Scotland's Niamh Byrne. How could that be possible? Gray seals have relatively short front flippers with five prominent claws. They usually dive down about 200 to 230 feet to hunt for fish, but they can swim to lower depths if necessary. Females give birth on the beach to the pups conceived the year before, while the males fight for control of the mates. Whose nose is it anyway?

A grey seal pup has a unique cry that lets its mom know where it is on a crowded beach. Seals are semiaquatic marine mammals. Their rear flippers help them to move through the water and change direction. • Expert hunters: Grey seals can see and hear better underwater than they can on land. Grey seals are a joyous sight in Scottish waters. They can curl these flippers to tear food or grasp terrain. Plus, they may venture too close to boats in order to get food and suffer injury as a result.A grey seal is one of many marine animals protected by the Marine Mammal Protection Act. Though grey seals are especially playful and curious they should be considered dangerous. For one, male and female harbor or common seals are about the same size whereas male grey seals are larger than females. Some live on the coasts of eastern Canada down to New England shorelines. It’s conservation status is Least Concern, so it is not recognized as a threatened animal according to its population totals.• There are approximately 150,000 grey seals on the western Atlantic coasts.• 130,000-140,000 grey seals populate the eastern Atlantic coasts• The Baltic coast has a population of about 7,500 seals.

While Common seals are known for being the ‘Labradors of the sea’, with their characteristically squashed heads, adorably round large eyes and distinctive V shaped nostrils, grey seals do not get awarded such a cute nickname. They are therefore known to dive, as these prey species are benthic dwellers meaning they are usually found on the bottom of the seabed. They can adapt to life on a coastline but go to the ocean when hunting for food. Plus, an adult seal at 880 pounds weighs a little less than an adult Arabian horse. This seal eats many types of fish including mackerel, herring, flatfish and cod.

This keeps the pup nice and warm whilst learning from its mum during its first few weeks of life.

In fact, it’s the biggest carnivore in the United Kingdom. A newborn pup weighs around 35 pounds or about the size of two and a half bowling balls! During this period, you can notice that the seals will display a lot of ‘resting’ behaviour to conserve their energy stores! This puts them at risk for being mistreated or fed items that will make them sick. SC037654. • A big animal: An adult male grey seal can weigh 880 pounds!

The population of the grey seal is increasing. Seal pups however are born with creamy white fur and stay on land for two to three weeks until they moult. Is your dog overweight? Grey seals are very vocal marine mammals. What is the difference between a grey seal and a harbor seal?

A healthy six-week-old pup will stay with the herd a couple more weeks, then begin to hunt on its own in the ocean. These two seals share many of the same characteristics and are certainly similar in appearance. Five facts about grey seals. • Staying warm in the sea: A grey seal has two heavy layers of fur and one layer of blubber that combine to keep it warm in the cold ocean water.• A big animal: An adult male grey seal can weigh 880 pounds!• Expert hunters: Grey seals can see and hear better underwater than they can on land. In fact, their scientific name ‘Halichoerus grypus’ can be translated to “hooked nose sea pig”. Some of these areas are designated sites – such as the Ythan Estuary in Aberdeenshire, which attempt to avoid human disturbance to the hauled-out seals. Grey seals and harbor seals are closely related but there are some differences worth pointing out. Seals across the UK are being affected by the plastic plight, with entanglement being one of the main welfare reasons worrying conservationists. The grey seal classification for family is Phocidae and its class is mammalia.There are subspecies of this seal found on the western Atlantic coast and the eastern Atlantic coast as well as the coast of the Baltic Sea. They also flap their flippers. So, if you stood an adult male seal up on its back flipper, it would be half the height of an adult giraffe.
RSPB Scotland’s Rebecca Lianne Shaw, one of our fantastic Dolphinwatch volunteers, shares five facts about these wonderful creatures. Grey seal, newborn pup sleeping upside down on beach. The dangers of obesity in canines. Grey Seals are pretty distinctive from their cousins, the Common seal. This can make it quite easy to distinguish who is who in the water.
Their fur varies from light to dark speckled grey or even black. They have a distinctive horse-like face with a long muzzle, large eyes and long whiskers. A male seal’s nose is generally longer than a females.

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