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chesterfield borough council housing repairs

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) - how it is affecting our services. The price quoted was very fair and good value for money.

- in those cases the work will be done for free. *Blocked shower waste due to misuse -  the tenant is responsible for this work - we will recharge the cost to you if you have called us out to fix it. Communal TV aerial is not working properly -  we are responsible for this repair. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - how it is affecting our services. Charges will be made in line with our agreed pest control fees and charges. We will fix many types of repairs, but as a tenant, some problems are your responsibility and you will need to either do them yourself or find someone that can. There are many different things that could need fixing at your council property. Repairs to roof, missing tiles, flashing, chimney stack, chimney pot and vents, Clothes driers and refuse chutes (communal), Damage to bargeboards, soffits and fascias, Replacing latches, bolts, catches, keys or locks to garage or shed doors, and on gates. These service standards have been developed with tenants.

When our repairs staff attend to a repair and if it is possible to do so, they will ask you to move to a different room while they carry out the repair.

Damage to existing fences, gates and walls - where possible a fence, gate or wall will be repaired.

Currently managing Responsive Repairs for all building trades including M & E for the Operational Services Division Housing Services Chesterfield Borough Council.
COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) INFORMATION. *Blocked bath due to misuse -  the tenant is responsible for this work - we will recharge the cost to you if you have called us out to fix it. We will carry out the following lighting work, but recharge the cost to the tenant: We will carry out the following work and repairs to lighting: We will repair the following problems with outside or communal lighting: Repairing any floor covering (except that fitted as part of an adaptation) -  this is the tenant's responsibility. Deadline for applications is Friday 14 June. Twenty eight years in Local Authority with Chesterfield Borough Council. We're not some 'here today, gone tomorrow' company. 18:30 - 21:30 This meeting will be held remotely... 14:00 This meeting will be held remotely... Keep your heating working during the winter, Preparation for Adulthood Multi-Disciplinary Protocol, Can't find what you're looking for on this page?

Tenants should try to clear any blockages with a plunger or suitable cleaning agent. We are currently only carrying out emergency repairs to our council houses and when doing so the council’s staff will be following the government’s guidance regarding social distancing. By post Chesterfield Borough Council Town Hall Rose Hill Chesterfield S40 1LP
We've adapted our home repairs service to keep you and your homes safe during the coronavirus pandemic. Put simply, we offer everything you need to look after your home.

Floorboards or floor panels are damaged - unless the damage is because of other defects eg leaking bath, rising damp etc. The government has given Croydon Council a £635,000 grant to continue its work to tackle and... From midnight on Friday Croydon, like the rest of London, will be classed as a Covid-19 high... 18:30 This meeting is being held remotely; to view the meeting, please click here. Customer Service Centre 85 New Square Chesterfield S40 1AH. From Monday 29 June, we are able to carry out non-emergency external repairs. Tenants are responsible for the following work and repairs: Waste to sink/basin is blocked -  the tenant should try to clear blockages with a plunger or suitable cleaning agent. This is awful business and even worse I used Trusted Trader to be sure of getting a good service. Emergency repairs hotline: 0800 587 5659 (01246 345041 outside office hours). Our services may be affected at this time, due to the coronavirus outbreak. Quite a new system booking them I think for private work so lots of correct protocol to follow but gave very good customer service and the electrician that came to do the work was very efficient, pleasant and polite.

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