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This audit examined the effectiveness of the trust's management of the reserve and DEPI's oversight of the trust's management of the reserve. The trust has not been able to address the conflicts of interest inherent in the make-up of its membership and competing responsibilities as set out in the Crown grant.
Consequently, conflicts of interest have not been adequately managed and preference has been afforded to racing interests with insufficient attention given to use of the reserve for recreational pursuits and as a public park. MRC's 2012–13 annual report describes the club as a 'not-for-profit' organisation. These facilities, reported to be worth $1.8 million, include a boardwalk, picnic area with barbecues, walking and jogging path and playground. This was in agreement with DSE advice that the regulations required an overhaul to include relevant laws and acts such as the Environmental Protection Act 1970 and Wildlife Act 1975, which are relevant to public parks and supersede the existing regulations. Historically, the trust's decisions have disproportionately favoured racing interests with insufficient attention paid to fulfilling the community-related purposes of the reserve. The Draft Land Management Plan outlines the proposed initiatives that will help Caulfield Racecourse Reserve realise its vision and truly create a place for everyone. As a result, public access and signage for the reserve is poor. The composition of the trust creates inherent difficulties where its members represent different interests that have competing views and priorities. MRC's annual report also describes MRC as a diversified business with an income of over $120 million for the 2012–13 financial year. The FMA requires particular entities to prepare, and have audited general-purpose financial statements in accordance with applicable Australian Accounting Standards. Everyone was having great fun which was infectiuos. Trustees were unable to agree on an appropriate policy. Victoria. These divisions deal with the operations of public entities, specifically governance principles, and the removal or suspension of directors and would have imposed contemporary standards of governance on the trust. Map courtesy of the Caulfield Racecourse Reserve Trust. policy The working group provided their report and recommendations to the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change on August 21, 2016 for consideration. It is unclear whether common law principles apply. The submissions and comments provided are not subject to audit nor the evidentiary standards required to reach an audit conclusion. Such a plan would provide a mechanism to direct and control where the trust places its land use priorities, and provide a basis for: The plan should outline the rationale for these priorities and identify how they will be achieved. Minister advised that he did not support the first option as the land 'is not intended to be used, developed or maintained for racing purposes' and with regard to the second option, 'while trustees could be considered for appointment to the committee of the proposed new separate reserve, they would be acting as individual members of the committee and not as a trustee representing any particular body'. DEPI provided no further assistance and did not follow up to see what progress the trustees had made in addressing governance issues. However, DEPI has given little, if any consideration to the issues contained therein. their unique ability to care for Country and deep spiritual These identify a range of contemporary management and reporting responsibilities. the extent to which it has effectively engaged with the trustees on major issues affecting the management of the reserve.

The original Crown grant of 1859 temporarily reserved the site for a racecourse.
The Crown grant, clause 21, states 'that no improvements shall be effected on the site by the said Club without first obtaining the approval of the trustees'. There is a risk that the licence negotiations with MRC will limit priorities and proposals in the land management strategic plan. This outcome is understandable given the prominence of the racecourse and the fact that the grant does not give priority to any particular activity.

As a collective, the trustees are primarily responsible for setting up the systems and processes to enable them to manage conflicts of interest effectively. Until recently, however, members of the local community had no direct means of engaging with trustees on matters of importance to them. implement a land management strategic plan that contains clear and measurable objectives that define future land use and development consistent with the purposes in the Crown grant. Phone: 136 186 These concerns include: In 2007, the Victorian Legislative Council appointed a Select Committee on Public Land Development. Level 31, 35 Collins Street connection to it. Progress in introducing new arrangements should be closely monitored and overseen by DEPI and reported to the minister. Section 13 of the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978 provides the trustees with the power to make regulations for the care, protection and management of the Caulfield Racecourse Reserve with the approval of the Governor in Council. Accordingly, the principles and key elements can be applied to the trust, as the oversight and decision-making body for the reserve. A survey will be conducted to delineate licensed and leased areas and identify existing infrastructure, fencing, access points and remaining reserve areas. It is also important for the trust to ensure that the terms of the long-term lease and licence currently under negotiation with MRC are consistent with the risk management strategy to be adopted by the trust. DEPI chose not to intervene in stalled leasing negotiations despite the trust's inability to resolve issues after nearly three years and its requests for departmental assistance.

However, we were advised in August 2014 that the trustees intend to address these issues as a matter of priority. For example, MRC representatives have an interest in promoting the reserve as a racecourse, but need to balance this with their role as a trustee appointed to give effect to managing the reserve in accordance with the Crown grant. Aerial photograph of Caulfield Racecourse Reserve boundaries and relationship to Melbourne Racing Club land. of the Caulfield Racecourse Reserve. DEPI has not been effective in its oversight role of the trustees' management of the Caulfield Racecourse Reserve (the reserve) and has provided only limited assistance. 'the government investigate the history, membership structure, responsibilities and current arrangement of the Caulfield Racecourse Reserve Board of Trustees, particularly in relation to its duty to uphold not just horse racing, but all the purposes of the reserve in the original grant'.

During early 2013, DEPI considered making the trustees subject to divisions 2 and 3 of part 5 of the PAA. explores alternative management arrangements for the Caulfield Racecourse Reserve so that it is better placed to meet the racing and community purposes of the Crown grant. More recently, the current and former chairs of the trust have recognised the need to address this issue and to introduce better standards of governance. The municipality covers approximately 38 square kilometres and is home to more than 137 000 people. The trust, however, has not defined any objectives or set priorities around what it intends to achieve with respect to the three purposes. Further, the plan does not clearly identify new works approved and planned for the forthcoming period and other proposed future works requiring approval by the trustees for the work to proceed. This amendment provided for increased admission charges to the Caulfield Racecourse Reserve on race days. It is a handicap event for thoroughbred horses, though it is being transitioned into a weight-for-age race. The Trust have commenced preparation of a comprehensive Land Management Plan for the site which will set out a vision for the reserve to guide use for the next phase of its existence. The committee's inquiry into the use and development of public land in Victoria received public submissions raising concerns around the management of the reserve. The current trustees must commit to fulfilling their obligations in accordance with contemporary governance standards including placing the public interest—in this case those interests that align with the agreed objectives for the reserve as a whole—ahead of any professional or private interests. As part of future arrangements, these are being rolled into a single lease and the terms renegotiated. This is further compounded by the lack of agreed objectives for managing the reserve. Image courtesy of the Department of Environment and Primary Industries. This was due to delays within DSE in appointing council nominated representatives. While the draft governance policy contributes to the trustees developing a more stringent approach to managing conflicts of interest, the trust needs to undertake more work to make sure it properly manages this issue. No broader conflict of interest concept appears to be workable'. Over recent years, reporting on works at the reserve has been variable and falls short of the agreed requirements in the deed. This did not occur. This advice stated in part: This broader perspective can be found in DEPI's briefing to the minister in November 2012 that followed the receipt of a letter from the then chair of the trust who raised serious concerns about how the trust manages conflicts of interest. The final development will comprise a low–medium density residential zone, a mixed-use retail precinct, and an area set aside for commercial and residential accommodation purposes. Decisions made by the trustees that directly impact on the community's access to, and use of the reserve should include community engagement as an integral part of the decision-making process. For this approach to be viable, it would need to be based on two preconditions: This increase in capacity should also include additional meetings of the trust. Easier access to the Reserve's vast open space with two new tunnels and improved access points for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists to enter.

It does not, however, specify contemporary management responsibilities such as the requirement to annually prepare a business plan, including financial statements.

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