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Many have sought the secret knowledge, and journeyed to distant lands to find it. À la suite de tensions au sein du groupe, il prend son indépendance quelques mois avant l'enregistrement du second album. One aspect of the signs, symbols, and languages of secret societies is as a kind of camouflage, a disguise worn to prevent the uninitiated from gaining access to the hidden knowledge. In more recent times the notion of Hidden Masters or Secret Chiefs has entered more political realms, with Unknown Superiors appearing in the form of influential and powerful men, like the Bilderberg group, making secret decisions behind closed doors that affect – as did those of the King of the World – the destiny of nations. We must withdraw into ourselves in order to be immersed in them, to meditate on them and to allow them to reach inside our deepest being. They have travelled to the interior of the earth and brought back the precious metals of the mind. It is the secret of the Holy Grail, the true meaning of the Philosopher’s Stone, the mysterious treasure of the Knights Templar, and the haunting face of the unveiled Isis. All received the secret knowledge and kept it from profane hands. Kembrew edited this into an article, which you can find here. But it really wasn’t part of the music. Nice to be back. In 1614 inKassel,Germany, pamphlets appeared announcing the existence of a mysterious society of adepts, known as the Rosicrucians, whose mission was the ‘universal reformation’ ofEurope. During excavations in the 1950s, remains of six Ephedra plants were found in a 50,000 year old Neanderthal grave in the Shanidar cave inIraq, suggesting that even our pre-homo sapiens ancestors were interested in altering their state of consciousness. It was Wasson’s own experiences with sacred mushrooms that led him, and his colleagues Carl Ruck and Albert Hoffmann – the discoverer of LSD – to believe that some sort of psychoactive plant was the secret ingredient of the mysterious kykeon, the drink given to initiates of ancient Eleusinian Mysteries.
They are the ones with the secret knowledge, who speak a secret language.
Son premier livre, Turn Off Your Mind: The Mystic Sixties and the Dark Side of the Age of Aquarius , est paru en 2001. Gary Lachman (nom de scène: Gary Valentine) est un écrivain américain et un musicien de rock né le 24 décembre 1955 à Bayonne, New Jersey, aux États-Unis. They were both older than me and had been involved in that; I just watched it on television. After my initial interest in magic and Crowley I moved away from it and became more interested in focusing on consciousness itself, without all the clutter. “Knock,” the Gospels tell us, “and it shall be opened unto you; ask and you shall receive.” But you must know where to knock and you must know who to ask. Q: Also, what aspects of Crowley’s public persona and writings were appealing to rock artists and the counterculture? On 1 May 1776, Adam Weishaupt, a professor of canonical law atIngoldstat,Germany, founded the Bavarian Illuminati, a renegade Masonic group that sought to overthrow the repressive control of the Jesuits. Daggers, a noose, and severe interrogation mark the candidate’s rite of passage. Like travellers in a foreign land, we need to learn a strange tongue, a new language that will provide the key to unlock the hidden mysteries. When you take that step, many things become possible. The album was recorded as a four-piece as Gary Valentine had left the band in mid 1977. They might be anyone. In secret chambers built deep into the pyramids and below the temples of their gods, the ancient Egyptians performed rites, dramatic re-enactments of the struggle of the soul in its passage through the underworld after death. Through knowledge of the secret doctrine, man becomes aware of his true place in the cosmos, escapes the fear of death, and knows that his real essence is of the gods. Reading their illuminated texts, one enters a terrain of shifting, changing contours, a metamorphosis of identities that is baffling, unless one possesses the key to decipher it. Ouspensky’s own search for the miraculous and ‘unknown teachings’ led to an unprepossessing café in aMoscowbackstreet, where, after all his travels in the mystic East, he finally found The Man Who Knows. The knowledge revealed to the initiates of the true secret societies is something very different. Secret societies have existed almost as long as society has itself. While I was on tour we would know when each one was going to call , and we would find out that we were both thinking of the same kind of thing at the same time, even though many miles away… that sort of thing, which is not unusual with couples. “Without the help of  symbols,” so Madame Blavatsky tells us, “no ancient scripture can ever be correctly understood.” “The great archaic system known from prehistoric ages as the sacred Wisdom Science,” she tells us, “had it’s universal language, the language of the Hierophants.” This master esoteric teacher is not alone in recognizing the absolute necessity of grasping the ancient language of symbols.

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